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Grade 11 Biology Studies

These images have been taken from: Forest Plants of Central Ontario, Lone Pine, 1st Edition, 1996. The species have been specifically chosen to highlight the diversity of native plants along this trail; when the Grade 11 Biology class /studied along the trail, they grew to learn of these plants specific identifying features, medical uses, and whether they were edible vs. poisonous. Another amazing resource we used is Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada, Lone Pine, New Edition, 2014. The goal was to have the students gain a better appreciation for the natural world through connecting to their studies in the classroom to the forest setting. They could feel, smell, and in some cases, taste the plants we introduced them to. It became a outdoor-experiential opportunity for everyone who participated. A special thank you to volunteer, Grant Dobson, for allowing the students to start their studies at his property. We always want to give a big thank you to all volunteers that make this centre run.