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Secondary Program Registration

Secondary Programs

Fall (Sept-Nov)

Winter (Dec- Feb)

Spring (March-April)

Summer (May-June)

Leadership/Guided Hike

Wilderness Skills/(Snowshoe) Guided Hike

Leadership/Navigation 101

Snake River Studies/Navigation 101

GPS Greencheck (specialty program, inquire about availability)

Wilderness Skills/Geocaching

Leadership/Wilderness Skills

Forestry Management/Wilderness Skills

Forestry Management/Wilderness Skills

Winter Games/(Snowshoe) Guided Hike

GPS Greencheck (specialty program, inquire about availability)

GPS Greencheck (specialty program, inquire about avaialbility)

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Program Selection

Please check ONE program combination

* Secondary Programs(Sep-Nov) - Leadership/Guided Hike
(Sep-Nov) - GPS Greencheck
(Sep-Nov) - Forestry Management/Wilderness Skills
(Dec-Feb) - Wilderness Skills/(Snowshoe) Guided Hike
(Dec-Feb) - Wilderness Skills/Geocaching
(Dec-Feb) - Winter Games/(Snowshoe) Guided Hike
(Mar-Apr) - Leadership/Navigation 101
(Mar-Apr) - Leadership/Wilderness Skills
(Mar-Apr) - GPS Greencheck
(May-Jun) - Snake River Studies/Navigation 101
(May-Jun) - Forestry Management/Wilderness Skills
(May-Jun) - GPS Greencheck
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* Please note:  The calendar above indicates availability.  White means available, yellow means booked.


Please read through our cancellation policy BEFORE submitting your booking request.

Shaw Woods is an outdoor education centre and our programmes run four seasons a year in all weather conditions. Please refer to the appropriate clothing guide and general information that is attached to your registration form.

Once your booking request has been submitted and confirmed by our staff, your date, programmes chosen and student numbers will be reserved for your group(s) or class. Our booking calendar will now state “booked”.

Due to staffing requirements and interest by other schools we require a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS notice (regular programmes) and FOUR WEEKS notice (specialty programmes, GPS Greencheck and Forestry Management) to accommodate any change in date or student numbers. 
Changes made after these dates will result in your board’s allotted student days to be debited accordingly.

The only exceptions to this policy are: last minute bus cancellations or extreme weather conditions as mutually agreed upon between the school principal and Shaw Woods.

If changes are requested in a timely manner, or are the result of either bus cancellations or extreme weather conditions, our Office Administrator (MK Jones shawwoods.edu@gmail.com) will gladly rebook your day.